Behind the Scene

The Music Video

The first idea was just to enjoy ourself in front of the camera and try to make something cool during the post-production. A few hours before the shooting we had this idea of a guy chilling in front of his TV. He lands on Runaway music video and tries to change channel…. But we won’t let him do it as we hacked his TV. We told you… we’re here to stay. The song might stay in your head as much as it stayed on this poor guy TV/Home! Hopefully, you will enjoy that more than he did! We shot the video in Josh's old conservatory, transformed into a green studio for the occasion. Conservatory means… a lot of sunlight which is bad. So we did it at night. Now, try to play the drums in a conservatory at 10 PM without annoying any neighbours. Anyway, 6 hours later we had some cool footages, we ate way too much pizza, we had a lot of fun and even the cat had a go with the drums (he didn’t pass the audition I’m afraid).

Josh: When I first wrote Runaway, I was actually trying to write a different song. After I played the guitar solo intro, I went straight into Runaway’s Irish sounding hook. I was laughing to myself thinking it’s just a funny little thing, let me delete that take and try again and so I did. However, every time I tried to record something different, I kept playing this Irish thing or a version of it. So, I thought sod it, I’ll use this Irish guitar bit and that’s how Runaway started.

At this time The Shed wasn’t a thing, I was just writing for myself. However, I asked my friend Tyro to do some work on the song. From then we worked together on a few projects and finally decided to band together! 

Tyro: When Josh sent me Runaway it was just a drum loop and the guitars. I had that guitar hook stuck in my head instantly. Josh asked me to programme drums for it so I did, but I had no idea what the song would become. After a few backs and forth, fills being added and removed the instruments were ready to go! A little while after Josh sent me his version with the vocals over it, where I then added the drums that I had programmed and mixed the track (while also adding a few voices and noises here and there hah). Originally I wanted to have a bar vibe, with glasses clinking, with friends laughing here and there but as these finishing touches were being added during the lockdown, I wasn’t able to get these together (I wanted it to be friends and captured personally) perhaps in the future I’ll re-mix it when the times allow for it?

The Shed wasn’t planned but with our skill sets and constant learning, some interesting results should be released into the world!