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When his granddad gave him his first guitar at 14, Josh did not like it and asked for a bass instead. Since then, the self-taught musician from West London made peace with the guitar and mastered various other instruments. Josh might look like a normal and quiet guy until you see him on stage where he will release his true self and embrace his music to give the public a rocky show.

Josh started his music career in a local band with whom he played the bass in various festivals across the UK for 7 years. Until he stepped in his garden shed, converted into an unpretentious and homey studio. It was love at first sight. That is when Josh decided to step out the shadow and write his own songs.

10 years of unwritten songs in his head make his genre hard to describe. His inspirations are heteroclite, his style is eccentric and his songs will get stuck in your head for days. Rocky, poetic, captivating, intriguing (…); There will be something for every taste.

But the shed is no place to be alone. So Josh decided to call a friend from his former band to collaborate on a few songs before deciding to tie the knot and officially creating The Shed with @tyroadtrip